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Vester, Indy (author)
Plastics that originate from renewable sources, such as potatoes or fungi, are called biobased plastics. Because of their origin, biobased plastics pose as sustainable alternative to traditional plastics, which are made from oil, a fossil substance. CoffeeBased is a small company that manufactures biobased plastic products, using their own...
master thesis 2021
Bakker, K.D. (author)
With 2,975 safety violations in the US alone, the lockout safety routine, one of the most important safety methods in the industry, remains unsafe. This is caused by the limited adherence of companies employees to the preset protocols. Heavy industries primarily focus on the efficiency of their processes and recognise the rising potential of...
master thesis 2020
Lugert, Isabelle (author)
This report presents the design process and the design proposal of a non-stigmatising stabilised bicycle designed for the bicycle company Beixo. With the trendy three wheel cargobike that has been designed for the problem of stability and stigma, insecure cyclists, including elderly, can cycle with confidence and stay mobile and independent. A...
master thesis 2018