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van den Bos, L.M.M. (author)
Two sources of uncertainty can be distinguished in models for wind turbine calculations. Firstly, the environment the wind turbine has to withstand is uncertain and has a direct impact on the life time of the turbine. Secondly, the models used to predict the forces acting on the turbine contain an unknown error, which can also be modeled as a...
doctoral thesis 2020
Bos, R. (author)
Wind turbines are the largest rotating machines on the planet, operating in some of the most remote and hostile areas. During a lifespan of several decades, they have to withstand storms, waves, and gusts (and preferably produce electricity in the process). Yet, designers cannot make them too strong. Every additional kilogram of mass has to be...
doctoral thesis 2017
Holtslag, M.C. (author)
Far offshore atmospheric conditions are favourable for wind energy purposes since mean wind speeds are relatively high (i.e., high power production) while turbulence levels are relatively low (i.e., less fatigue loads) compared to onshore conditions. Offshore wind energy, however, is still expensive compared to onshore wind energy. There is...
doctoral thesis 2016