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Qiu, S. (author)
Crowdsourcing has become a standard approach for the collection of the human input required by scientists and practitioners alike to execute their experiments, or to train, control, and verify the behavior of their intelligent systems. Despite years of successful research and industrial application, how to improve the engagement and satisfaction...
doctoral thesis 2021
Mesbah, S. (author)
Named Entity Recognition (NER) is an essential information retrieval task. It enables a wide range of natural language processing applications such as semantic search, machine translation, etc. The NER can be formulated as the task of identifying and typing words or phrases in a text that refers to certain classes of interest (e.g., disease,...
doctoral thesis 2020
Yang, J. (author)
Crowd knowledge creation plays a central role in many types of Web based information systems, ranging from community question-answering (CQA) systems (e.g. StackOverflow and Quora) to micro-task crowdsourcing systems (e.g. Amazon mTurk and CrowdFlower). In these systems, knowledge demands are generally fulfilled by means of tasks (e.g. questions...
doctoral thesis 2017