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Zou, P. (author)
The submerged floating tunnel (SFT), also called an Archimedes Bridge, is a new type of infrastructure for wide and deep sea-crossings, regarded as one of the alternatives to bored and immersed tunnels and bridges. It is afloat in water employing its buoyancy and a support system to balance its self-weight. However, no prototype SFT has yet been...
doctoral thesis 2022
Lashley, Christopher H. (author)
Coastal communities across the globe are often protected by structures, such as seawalls, levees or dikes, which allow only a safe volume of water to pass over or “overtop” them due to wave action during storms. The area seaward of these structures is often characterised by shallow, gently sloping beds referred to as foreshores.<br/>As storm...
doctoral thesis 2021