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van Duijvenbode, J.R. (author)
To extract raw materials responsibly and sustainably, the minerals industry has to continuously optimise the mine-to-metal process and requires an entirely different valuation model. Currently, most operational decisions (e.g., ore-waste boundaries, short-term scheduling, blending policies, dispatch decisions) are evaluated using a revenue-based...
doctoral thesis 2023
Desta, F.S. (author)
The rising demands for mined products lead to the extraction of materials in geologically complex regions. This calls for mining process changes and interventions driven by technology and advanced data analytics. The dynamic development of state-of-the-art sensor technologies and their potential use in mining is projected to significantly reduce...
doctoral thesis 2021
Guatame-Garcia, Adriana (author)
Industrial minerals are essential to human activity. The products derived from them make an integral part of a wide range of materials that are ubiquitously present in our daily lives. The performance and attributes of these materials depend significantly on the properties and quality of the industrial minerals and the products generated from...
doctoral thesis 2019