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Bruinsma, W.P. (author), Hes, R.P. (author), Kroep, H.J.C. (author), Leliveld, T.C. (author), Melching, W.M. (author), Aan de Wiel, T.A. (author)
This document describes the design process of a software toolkit to perform high-performance wideband spectrum sensing. A prominent application of this is Cognitive Radio, a technique that aims to make more efficient use of the available radio spectrum. An extensive theoretical analysis will be performed. Various non-uniform sampling techniques...
bachelor thesis 2015
Hu, K. (author)
Near-field source localization is an important aspect in many diverse areas such as acoustics, seismology, to list a few. The planar wave assumption frequently used in far-field source localization is no longer valid when the sources are in the near field. Near-field sources can be localized by solving a joint direction-of-arrival and range...
master thesis 2014