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Rodríguez Escude, Miguel (author)
The focus of this investigation is the location, sizing and performance of a Hydrogen Fueling Station (HFS) in The Netherlands in 2030. The transportation sector is one of the main air pollution sources, reaching 17% of the total emissions from The Netherlands in 2015. By promoting zero emission vehicles, like Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs)...
master thesis 2019
Vilarasau Amoros, Andrea (author)
Current urban systems have a linear metabolism; they rely on imported resources, which are used inefficiently, and they produce waste flows. Urban areas can become productive and not only consumptive if a well-planned distributed energy system is implemented. Switching to renewables, however, means rethinking today’s urban landscape entirely....
master thesis 2018
Liu, Changzhi (author)
As one of the carbon-free emission transportation method, fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) have become a very popular research topic for the recent years. However, as the fuel of FCEV, the hydrogen is usually produced by traditional steam reforming method, which is still not an environmentally friendly process.</p><p>This report focuses on...
master thesis 2017