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Verbist, Victor (author)
A model is developed to simulate NaCl concentrations across a cation exchange membrane in the transient regime. The convectionless Nersnt-Planck equation is combined with the continuity equation to obtain a partial dierential equation in time and space. The boundary conditions at the edges of the cell for this equationare a constant bulk...
bachelor thesis 2019
Stap, Jelle (author)
Photochromic smart windows form a promising class of energy-saving technologies for the built environment. In recent years, sputter-deposited yttrium oxyhydride (YO<i><sub>x</sub></i>H<i><sub>y</sub></i>) coatings have been gaining attention due to their desirable photochromic properties such as colour-neutral darkening, high contrast, and...
master thesis 2017