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Garg, Chirag (author)
In a high-precision system that performs measurements or tooling on a workpiece, alignment of the tool and workpiece is of prime importance. To prevent misalignment, which leads to a loss in accuracy and precision, unwanted vibrations in structures must be attenuated. Topology Optimization (TO) is evolving as a mature design tool that provides...
master thesis 2022
van der Zwet, Joran (author)
Topology optimization has seen increased interest with the development of additive manufacturing (AM) as a manufacturing method, because of its ability to utilize the geometric complexity that AM offers. However AM still imposes some restrictions on the design, most notably on its minimum feature size, overhang, and enclosed voids. Enclosed...
master thesis 2021
Huigsloot, Menno (author)
High performance machines such as those used in the semiconductor industry, robotics or racing engines have lots of fast moving parts. The dynamic properties of these moving parts are crucial to the performance of the machine. Therefore these moving parts have to be carefully designed which is often a very time consuming iterative process. In...
master thesis 2018