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van Assenbergh, S.P. (author)
Generation of grip on soft tissue in the surgical field is most commonly done with forceps that generate friction grip, that is, the translation of normal (pinch) forces into shear forces. Errors made with these surgical grippers are often force-related: applying too low pinch forces results in slipping of the tissue out of the gripper, and too...
doctoral thesis 2022
Scali, M. (author)
During percutaneous interventions, medical needles are inserted through the skin inside the body to collect diagnostic samples or to inject substances in a minimally invasive manner. However, when the target to be reached is located deep inside the body, needle insertion becomes challenging: the needle should be long enough to reach the target,...
doctoral thesis 2020
Fan, C. (author)
With the introduction of new technologies, surgical procedures have been varying from free access in open surgery towards limited access in minimal invasive surgery. During such procedures, surgeons have to manoeuver the instruments from outside the patient while looking at the monitor. Long and slender instruments are developed that can insert...
doctoral thesis 2014