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van Schaik, Lucia (author)
Understanding pedestrian traffic is essential to design for safe and reliable pedestrian infrastructures, facilities and operations. For the assessment and design of pedestrian transfer areas at stations capacity standards for uni- and bidirectional flows are applied. It has been observed that, at railway stations, also other configurations of...
master thesis 2020
Zuurbier, Elise (author)
At mass events, pedestrians can experience the level of crowdedness as unsafe, unpleasant and stressful. To gain a better understanding of perceived crowdedness, the effects of personal, trip and event characteristics at an event are researched. Data collection was performed by a simultaneous survey and monitoring study at the TT Festival in...
master thesis 2019
Sparnaaij, Martijn (author)
This research investigates the question how the choice of scenarios and metrics influences the calibration of pedestrian simulation models. By calibrating a pedestrian model using different combinations of scenarios and metrics and comparing the results it was concluded that it matters what scenarios and metrics are included during the...
master thesis 2017