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Zhang, HE (author)
The scalable simulation of neuron communication needs a large<br/>amount of computing resources. The high throughput of data cause<br/>the high requirement of interconnect network. This thesis is aimed<br/>at the finding the efficient multi-FPGA connection for the neuron<br/>network. First describe the characteristics of the network in terms<br/...
master thesis 2017
Wirianto, K. (author)
Neural networks have been investigated by researchers for several decades. Microelectrodes and neural interfaces are used to obtain the information contained in the neuronal networks activity, which can be used to control neural prosthetic devices. This field has advanced rapidly and the current research is focusing on multi-channel...
master thesis 2016
Pulli, A. (author)
Over the past years, a considerable amount of effort has been devoted to the definition and implementation of techniques for the optimization and acceleration of applications on various computing platforms. Among these techniques, the extension of a given instruction-set architecture with custom instructions has become a common approach. Custom...
master thesis 2014