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Tambe, S.S. (author)
Boundary-layer instability induces spiral vortices on rotating cones. As they grow along the cone, the vortices enhance mixing of high- and low-momentum fluid, and subsequently, cause the boundary-layer to transition into a turbulent state. This transition process is scientifically enticing as it is one of the classical problems in fluid...
doctoral thesis 2022
Augusto Viviani Perpignan, A.A.V. (author)
Future transport and energy systems will still rely on gas turbines for energy conversion. The contribution of aviation to the emission of greenhouse gases and other pollutant species is predicted to increase in the near future, both in absolute quantities as well as relative to other sources. Despite historically being one of the greatest...
doctoral thesis 2020
Yin, F. (author)
Civil air transportation has undergone significant expansion over the past decades and is continuing to grow. Nevertheless, the tendency of energy depletion and the severe environmental problems yield challenges in its further development. To mitigate the climate impact of civil aviation, the Advisory Council for Aeronautics Research in Europe ...
doctoral thesis 2016