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Xia, Yitong (author)
The reconstruction of 3D city models has garnered significant interest in recent years. However, the majority of existing reconstruction methods primarily focus on LOD2 models, while LOD3 model reconstruction often relies on manual labor, and the primary data sources are street view images. This research aims to advance this field by...
master thesis 2023
Caceres Tocora, Camilo (author)
Semantic segmentation of aerial images is the ability to assign labels to all pixels of an image. It proves to be essential for various applications such as urban planning, agriculture and real-estate analysis. Deep Learning techniques have shown satisfactory results in performing semantic segmentation tasks. Training a deep learning model is an...
master thesis 2022
Papageorgiou, Manos (author)
Three-dimensional (3D) city models are of great significance and are high in demand. They can be used for various useful applications such as urban planning, visibility analysis and estimating the solar irradiation and energy demand of buildings throughout the day. Nowadays, Light Detection And Ranging (LiDAR) sensors are one of the most...
master thesis 2021