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Polshchykova, Zoya (author)
In this thesis, gate set tomography (GST) has been conducted on the nitrogen vacancy center (NV). Gate set tomography is a protocol for characterization of logic operations (gates) on quantum computing processors. The NV’s electron served as a qubit. The quantum circuits were run both experimentally as well as on an NV-simulator. GST is...
bachelor thesis 2022
de Kluijver, Lisa (author)
Throughout the work, the goal was to develop the physical layer of a quantum network stack. The layer of the network stack connected to the physical layer is the link layer. For entanglement-based quantum networks, we demonstrated the successful operation of a link layer and a physical layer. The physical layer’s entanglement generation...
master thesis 2022
Meerbothe, Thierry (author)
Radiotherapy treatment planning is a complex and time consuming process prone to differences as result of choices of individual planners. Autoplanning systems have been introduced to both reduce the time consumption and to counteract the influence of individual planning choices. Although autoplanning generally increases performance of the...
master thesis 2021