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Maas, P.J. (author)
In the field of exploration geophysics various methods are applied to determine the physical properties of the subsurface of the Earth. Some of the methods most widely used are seismic and electromagnetic surveys, which are each used according to the type of information that is being sought and their ability to provide that information. The...
master thesis 2014
Hartstra, I.E. (author)
Seismic and electromagnetic imaging methods both provide the geophysicist with different types of medium parameters. Seismic methods are sensitive to the elastic properties of the medium, while electromagnetic methods are sensitive to the electric properties. In porous-saturated media, these two wave fields occur as a coupled system, which is...
master thesis 2012
Menzel-Jones, G. (author)
Elastodynamic and electromagnetic processes are coupled together in saturated, porous media, by a phenomenon known as the electrokinetic effect. In horizontally layered media, the seismoelectric system, which contains the coupled elastodynamic and electromagnetic systems, can be separated into two independent modes of propagation: SH-TE and P-SV...
master thesis 2011