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Redondo Gutierrez, Jose Luis (author)
During the last decades, large deployable structures are starting to be seen as a plausible configuration to multiple space missions, such as solar sailing, LEO (Low Earth Orbit) deorbiting missions or solar power generation. Technological advances in key areas, such as thin film solar cells or new deployment methods, as well as the...
master thesis 2019
Quinn, Marshall (author)
This thesis investigated if Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF), a 3D printing technique, could be used in a simulated on-orbit environment. A modified FFF printer was exposed to a vacuum environment and fabricated a variety of components from polycarbonate filament. The printer and its subsystems were evaluated for functionality in the vacuum...
master thesis 2018
Vergoossen, Tom (author)
A highly miniaturised reaction wheel was developed for Delft University of Technology’s PocketQube (PQ) mission as topic of this thesis project. Delfi-PQ, a picosatellite, aims to demonstrate a reliable core bus platform for PocketQubes with a form factor of 5x5x5 [cm] and one or more payload(s). PocketQubes hold the potential to reduce the cost...
master thesis 2017