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de Haes, Philip (author)
A new radical design approach arose from the need to develop a bipolar electrosurgical instrument that is modular and cleanable, thus reusable and therefore suitable for low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). Advanced Bipolar Vessel Sealer (BVS) instruments that are currently on the market cannot be cleaned or maintained well and are...
master thesis 2020
De Goeij, L.J.R. (author)
During the training of new doctors in cystoscopy a problem could occur. When the trainee controls the cystoscope, the supervising doctor is focussed on the scope images on a monitor. Because the supervising doctor is not holding the scope, location feedback is absent. This makes it difficult to determine whether the entire inner surface of the...
master thesis 2016
Sun, S. (author)
The goal of this thesis is to design a hybrid trainer that can quantitatively measure the LESS performance while investigating the difference between LESS and CLS, finally propose a novel objective assessment tools for future research. A force platform is developed, which measures tissue manipulation force in the range of 0-20N with an accuracy...
master thesis 2013