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Young On, Ruben (author), van de Kuilen, Richard (author), Bijl, Robin (author), Leistra, Hidde (author), Jugariu, Timo (author)
Grading exams is a time-consuming activity for teachers. Zesje is an open-source tool created to aid teach-ers in exam grading and streamline the grading process. Zesje currently uses computer vision techniques torealign images, and automatically find student numbers. However, teachers can currently only use Zesje tograde questions manually....
bachelor thesis 2019
Pigmans, Max (author), Keulemans, Ruben (author), Habben Jansen, Geert (author), van Deursen, Max (author)
The majority of the courses in the Computer Science Bachelor at the Delft University of Technology use so called lab sessions to provide an opportunity for students to ask questions about course material and get feedback on their assignment. In order to optimally support the students, teaching assistants, or TAs, are appointed to assist the...
bachelor thesis 2018