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Restrepo Botero, Miguel (author)
Understanding the fatigue load history of wind turbines is critical for taking decisions regarding the lifetime of a project. However, direct measurement of fatigue loads at each turbine in a wind farm is unfeasible. For this reason, surrogate models offer a useful alternative. In this thesis, a methodology for creating surrogate models for...
master thesis 2022
Laanes, Mikk (author)
Technology improvements and growing maturity of the offshore wind industry have resulted in significant cost reductions and rise in demand. More can be achieved by focusing on improving the understanding of key design areas of an offshore wind turbine (OWT). Since fatigue is one of the main design criteria for offshore structures and little is...
master thesis 2021
Lee, Jaehyeun (author)
Fatigue is often a governing design factor for offshore wind turbines. Since the design of offshore wind turbines includes conservatism, the actual accumulated fatigue damage can be lower than what the turbine is designed for. In this case, the operator can make a decision on life time extension of existing wind turbines. Therefore, it is...
master thesis 2019