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Apte, A.A. (author)
The low conversion efficiency of thin-film silicon solar cells currently prevents them from competing, commercially, with the dominant crystalline silicon technology. The small thickness of the photo-active layer in thin-film silicon solar cells is an advantage for reducing raw material consumption and increasing industrial throughput, but...
master thesis 2015
Vismara, R. (author)
Advanced texturization is a promising approach to increase the performance of thin-film solar cells. Currently, light trapping schemes implemented in state-of-the-art devices utilize randomly textured interfaces to increase their optical performance. Periodic gratings, however, have the potential to outperform their random counterparts and are...
master thesis 2014
Bolman, B.F.A. (author)
Within thin-film silicon solar cells, the so-called Transparent Conductive Oxide (TCO) plays an important role. The optimization of TCOs is a very meticulous process since these thin layers not only need to be both highly transparent and conductive, but are also used for light management; that is manipulating the path of the light through the...
master thesis 2010