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Rasooli, A. (author)
Accurate determination of building’s critical thermo-physical characteristics such as the walls’ thermal resistance, thermal conductivity, and volumetric heat capacity is essential to indicate effective and efficient energy conservation strategies at building level. In practice, the values of these parameters, which determine not only possible...
doctoral thesis 2020
Ioannou, A. (author)
Residential buildings account for a significant amount of the national energy<br/>consumption of all OECD countries and consequently the EU and the Netherlands.<br/>Therefore, the national targets for CO2 reduction should include provisions for a more energy efficient building stock for all EU member states. National and European level policies...
doctoral thesis 2018
Majcen, D. (author)
Residential buildings are one of the key target sectors for energy and CO2 reduction. Research on the relationship between policy instruments and their effects is crucial for the continuous improvement of these tools. This thesis focuses on The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) as an EU flagship policy for technical improvements...
doctoral thesis 2016