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Guerrero Iñiguez, J.I. (author)
This research discusses the conversion of underground utilities datasets into scene graph models for its 3D visualization using the WebGL technology, which is a Javascript interface to access the 3D graphics hardware. This conversion requires to reconstruct the volumetric appearance of the objects from its abstract representation, involving...
master thesis 2012
Brand, S. (author)
With the increasing demand for ever more depth and detail of modern video games, developers are faced with the problem of how to create and manage large amounts of content. One aspect of this is how to cheaply enable game entities to travel through their virtual worlds in a natural and realistic fashion. Game map sizes and complexity have...
master thesis 2009
Pols, E.J. (author)
The risk of developing colon cancer is strongly correlated with the appearance of polypoid lesions (also called polyps) in the large intestine [Santoro et al. 2008]. Not all polyps are dangerous; in fact only one percent of polyps smaller than one centimeter is dangerous. However, when polyps grow bigger the risk quickly increases to over fifty...
master thesis 2008