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van der Valk, R.E.A. (author)
The first quay walls were constructed in 2400 BC and were constructed with bricks. Since then, the quay walls have developed a lot. The quay walls nowadays are constructed out of steel, concrete or a combination of both materials. An upcoming material in the field of hydraulic engineering is fibre reinforced polymer (FRP). FRP has several...
master thesis 2017
Kulshreshtha, Y. (author)
CoRncrete is a corn starch based bio-material formed by mixing corn starch with water and sand, and heating the mix in a microwave or oven. This heating process results in the formation of a hardened material. A constant corn starch to sand proportion of 1:5 has been adopted in this study. The transformation of CoRncrete from a semi-solid to a...
master thesis 2015
Labib, D.A. (author)
A polymer-modified self-healing mortar is a mixture of Portland cement, water, sand, polymer and self-healing material. The polyacrylic ester emulsion (PAE) is used as polymer and as self-healing material bacterial spores from genus Bacillus + calcium lactate is used. The reason why this type of bacteria is used as a component of self-healing...
bachelor thesis 2012