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The theme of the 21st EuroFM Research Symposium 2022 is ‘Transforming FM’: FM is expanding its boundaries, changing its shape, and adapting along the rapidly changing business environment.
conference 2022
Colenberg, S.E. (author), Romero Herrera, N.A. (author), Keyson, D.V. (author)
Background and aim – Lack of privacy is a prominent issue in contemporary offices. This study aimed to identify interior design features that jointly influence satisfaction with privacy and noise in the office workspace, and estimate their predictive power. This knowledge can inform strategic workplace design.<br/>Methods – Eight design features...
conference paper 2022
Colenberg, S.E. (author), Keyson, D.V. (author)
Background and aim – While remote working is not a new phenomenon, Covid-19 has forced many office workers to work from home for long consecutive periods. Recent research shows that while most of them say they can work productively from home, many feel less connected to their colleagues. This study explores how these experiences may influence...
conference paper 2021