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van Erp, Gonnie (author)
<b>Purpose</b> Manufacturer’s predictions of ablation zone dimensions are the current directives for treatment planning in thermal ablation, while they are mostly based on ex vivo experiments making its reliability questionable. The aim of this study is to determine the correspondence in dimensions, volume, shape and overlap of the manufactures’...
master thesis 2022
van Gruijthuijsen, Coen (author)
Semantic Segmentation of medical images are used to improve diagnosis and treatment. In recent years, the application of machine learning methods are increasingly used. However, the design of these models is difficult and time-consuming. In this thesis, we investigated the automation of this process using an Automated Machine Learning (AutoML)...
master thesis 2021
NI, HAO (author)
Glioma is a kind of slow-growing brain tumor which may result in severe seizures. Currently a major tool used to detect and diagnose the glioma is MRI scan. To better analyze the medical image, segmentation is usually conducted as a basic step for further processing, which partitions an integrate image into multiple physically meaningful regions...
master thesis 2020