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Mors, R.M. (author)
In the Netherlands blast furnace slag (BFS) cement is commonly used. Concretes with this type of cement are known for good durability properties. Where concrete is designed to crack in order to let the incorporated steel reinforcement take over tensile stresses, it is mainly for durability reasons that non-designed cracking of concrete is...
master thesis 2011
Smit, S.I. (author)
master thesis 2008
Fozein Kwanke, N.J.C. (author)
One of the most basic types of breakwaters is the rubble mound breakwater which in essence is a heap of stones consisting of a core of fine material covered by an armour layer of big rock or concrete elements. Mostly unreinforced, these concrete elements exist in different sizes and geometries varying from massive concrete cubes to more...
master thesis 2007