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Lanting, Volker (author)
The Spoofax Testing Language (SPT) is the existing solution for testing in the Spoofax language workbench. It allows developers of domain specific languages to write their test cases declaratively. As it aims to be implementation agnostic, developers don't need to concern themselves with the details of the artifacts generated by Spoofax, and can...
master thesis 2020
Sol, Roelof (author)
Context:<br/>Updating an old result by selective re-execution of the inconsistent<br/>parts of some computation is usually faster than recomputing everything.<br/>Incremental build systems and interactive development pipelines<br/>use this technique to speed up feedback.<br/>They consist of different tasks. <br/>These tasks form a graph by...
master thesis 2019
Pelsmaeker, Daniël (author)
Implementing the syntax and semantics of a new (domain-specific) programming language is a lot of work, which is worsened by the additional work needed to add support for the language to an editor such as Eclipse or VS Code. Lack of such support can impede language usability and adoption, as developers prefer different editors. However,...
master thesis 2018