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Pakvis, Sara (author)
In recent developments in the field of multi-material additive manufacturing, differences in material properties are exploited to create printed shape memory structures, which are referred to as 4D-printed structures. New printing techniques allow for the introduction of prestresses in the specimen during manufacturing. This research focuses on...
master thesis 2021
Hoes, Emma (author)
The manufacturing freedom of additive manufacturing, and design freedom of topology optimization have proven to be a fruitful combination in creating and manufacturing designs. While research into applications of metal additive manufacturing has advanced from rapid prototyping to end-use components, metal additive manufacturing of compliant...
master thesis 2020
Blokland, Geert (author)
Auxetic materials exhibit material properties, which are usually not seen in nature. This type of materials belong to the class of mechanical metamaterials and can be used for e.g. energy absorption, cloaking of objects, shape morphing applications and the design of fiber-reinforced composites. They exhibit a negative Poisson’s value and derive...
master thesis 2019