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Markensteijn, G.C. (author)
Floods are a big problem for Jakarta; the capital of Indonesia is subsiding below mean sea level and floods will become more frequent. Flood protection and measures against subsidence are, therefore, of high importance to Jakarta’s government. One of the options they are studying is a great sea wall to regulate the water levels in Jakarta Bay....
master thesis 2017
Fennis, F. (author)
Double Master of Science in Hydraulic Engineering (Civil Engineering and Geosciences) and Applied Mathematics (Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science) - It is of importance to know how the water is behaving in rivers due to the dangers, such as flooding and eroding of land, it can bring with it. Present day we are still...
master thesis 2016
Tommassen, G. (author)
Introduction COD is one of the most important parameters for wastewater quality. Measuring COD is an expensive and time consuming process. There is a need for an inexpensive, accurate, reliable and continuous technique to monitor COD. Turbidity can be used as a proxy for COD, but is not accurate enough for some applications. Some research...
master thesis 2014