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Van Timmeren, A. (author)
De methoden en technieken die worden toegepast bij de huidige essenti infrastructuren voor de energie- en sanitatievoorziening zijn te duiden als traditioneel en centralisatie- paradigma volgend. Er is sprake van schaalvergroting. Door de globalisering in combinatie met de liberalisatie van de energie- en (in mindere mate) vaste afvalmarkt is...
doctoral thesis 2006
de Ruiter, E.Ph.J. (author)
Sustainable building implies efficient land use in cities, and elsewhere. Zones with high noise impact along urban or suburban main roads have been used only for low-grade buildings, because of practical or legal limitations. Bordering these roads with continuous residential buildings ('canyonisation') can be considered as a way to reclaim these...
doctoral thesis 2005
Van den Dobbelsteen, A.A.J.F. (author)
Sustainable development is the goal of a balance between economy and the environment, whilst establishing a better spread prosperity across the world. In order to make this possible, the environmental load of our commodities needs to be reduced by a factor of 20. This factor 20 can also be translated to the office market. The PhD research...
doctoral thesis 2004