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Alhaddad, S.M.S. (author)
Underwater slope failure is a common problem in the fields of geotechnical, dredging and hydraulic engineering, posing a major risk to submerged infrastructure and flood defences along coasts, rivers, and lakes. The term ‘flow slide’ refers to a specific, complex failure mechanism of underwater slopes, which occurs when a substantial amount of...
doctoral thesis 2021
Broekema, Y.B. (author)
The Eastern Scheldt storm surge barrier is an icon of Dutch hydraulic engineering. Downstream of the barrier, large local erosion pits (scour holes) have formed adjacent to the applied bed protection after its construction. It was expected during the design phase that these would develop, but both the magnitude of the scour hole depth as well as...
doctoral thesis 2020
Maljaars, J.M. (author)
This thesis presents a numerical framework for simulating advection-dominated flows which reconciles the advantages of Eulerian mesh-based schemes with those of a Lagrangian particle-based discretization strategy. Particularly, the strategy proposed in this thesis inherits the diffusion-free properties as in Lagrangian particle-based advection,...
doctoral thesis 2019