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Shishkov, B.B. (author), Ivanova, Krassimira (author), Verbraeck, A. (author), van Sinderen, Marten (author)
Drones performing an autonomous mission need to adapt to frequent changes in their environment. In other words, they have to be context-aware. Most current context-aware systems are designed to distinguish between situations that have been pre-defined in terms of anticipated situation types and corresponding desired behavior types. This only...
conference paper 2022
Shishkov, Boris (author), Hristozov, Stefan (author), Verbraeck, A. (author)
We observe a world of increasing anxiety due to natural and man-made disasters, pandemics, andmilitary conflicts. Such disruptive events lead to decreased infrastructure and personnel availability; still, infrastructure and personnel are essential for keeping society running, and for addressing the effects of disruptions. We argue that drone...
conference paper 2020
Ding, Aaron Yi (author), De Jesus, Gianluca Limon (author), Janssen, M.F.W.H.A. (author)
The security of the Internet of Things (IoT) has attracted much attention due to the growing number of IoT-oriented security incidents. IoT hardware and software security vulnerabilities are exploited affecting many companies and persons. Since the causes of vulnerabilities go beyond pure technical measures, there is a pressing demand...
conference paper 2019