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Groot, kevin (author)
Methodology <br/>Agriculture is an important sector to provide in our needs. Since 2000, the arable land per farmer increased with 66%. To help farmers managing their increasing amount of arable land, it is important to develop new techniques in example based on remote sensing data. One of the key parameters for agricultural management is the...
master thesis 2019
Scherpenisse, Brendan (author)
Repeat-pass acquisitions with coherent Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) systems, preserving both phase and amplitude, are more readily available than ever (Bruzzone, 2016). Phase measurements from SAR systems have seen widespread use in the Interferometric Synthetic Aperture (InSAR) technique to measure deformations and elevations since the late...
master thesis 2018
Pinson, Stijn (author)
Glaciers play an important role in sea level predictions and are an important supplier of fresh water. Understanding the physics and dynamics of glaciers is important in local and global climate predictions and predictions of fresh water supplies. The Himalayas are the biggest storage of fresh water outside the polar regions with many different...
master thesis 2017