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van Vledder, G.P. (author), Akpınar, Adem (author)
The swell climate of the Black Sea has been determined using a long-term 31-year wave hindcast with the thirdgeneration spectral wave model SWAN in combination with spectral partitioning. This technique enables decomposing wave spectra into individual wave systems representing wind seas or swells and computing integral wave parameters of each...
conference paper 2016
de Vries, S. (author), de Schipper, M.A. (author), Stive, M.J.F. (author)
In this paper it is aimed to quantify bulk (surf-zone integrated) alongshore sediment transport using morphological data collected along the Dutch coast. The collected morphological data covers a domain of 18 km alongshore including the beach, the foreshore and the intertidal zone in the cross shore. The measurement domain contains the 20...
conference paper 2014