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Van Schaick, S.J. (author)
The overall behaviour of the tide-dominated Western Scheldt is in general well known. Its multichannel-system consists of ebb and flood channels, separated by intertidal areas; the tidal flats. The estuary shows a dynamic behaviour of erosion and sedimentation of the tidal flats. A large flow slide occurred at the tidal flat of Walsoorden in...
master thesis 2015
Nieuwboer, B.J. (author)
In the Colorado River the Glen Canyon dam is located. The Glen Canyon dam is constructed in the Colorado river for the production of electricity. Due to the dam, nowadays only a fifth of the pre-dam sediment volume flows into the Colorado River through the Glen Canyon dam and the two major tributaries, the Paria River and the Little Colorado...
master thesis 2012
Keulen, B. (author)
Horizontal directional drilling (HOD) is a rather simple installation technique for pipes for public infrastructure and it has therefore become increasingly popular. When HOD is started, a pilot drilling is made first; a small borehole is made in the soil along the trajectory. After the pilot drilling the borehole is enlarged with a reamer until...
master thesis 2001