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Dao, T.P.T. (author)
In recent years, the embedded pile model has been successfully implemented in PLAXIS 3D. The embedded pile consists of beam elements connecting to the surrounding soil by means of special interfaces (skin interface and foot interface). Although the embedded pile doesn’t take into account volume, a particular elastic region around the pile whose...
master thesis 2011
Te Boekhorst, C.W.J. (author)
Many cities around the world are located in deltaic areas, these areas have a major economic potential due to their strategic location close to seas and waterways. On the other hand, these deltaic regions are generally covered with very compressible soils. When embankments are constructed on such soils large vertical deformations will occur, but...
master thesis 2010
Nterekas, D. (author)
This research investigates the Wilnis dike failure that occurred in the dry summer of 2003. It is believed that drought played an important role in decreasing the stability of the dike, finally leading to failure. In the reported MSc project the situation during drought is simulated with the help of finite element method programs Plaxis and...
master thesis 2009