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Zhang, Chenxi (author)
Unmanned vehicles are a vital topic in today’s science and technology field. The safety problem of unmanned vehicles has been paid more attention from researchers. People are continually developing new control technologies, making the auxiliary driving or control of vehicles more accurate and reliable. Before designing a reliable controller,...
master thesis 2021
Lont, J.J. (author)
The application of optimal control structures for water irrigation systems (WISs) can be enabled by applying wireless event-triggered control (ETC). The term WIS, is used to describe open-water channels, that are mainly used to supply water to farmers all around the world. The water levels in these channels need to be controlled, but because of...
master thesis 2020
Raipuria, Geetank (author)
An autonomous vehicle should be able to operate amidst numerous other human-driven vehicles, each driving on its own trajectory. To safely navigate in such a dynamic environment, the autonomous vehicle should be able to predict trajectories of the vehicles operating in its vicinity and use these to plan its own path. Most related work uses a...
master thesis 2017