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Soliman, Mona Youssef Moawad (author)
Access to safe drinking water is an essential human right and a crucial element to human survival. The quality of drinking water, has strong and direct impact on human health. Unless free of fecal contamination, water is unsafe to drink. Yet, to date, 2 billion people remain without access to safe drinking water. Consequently, the burden of...
doctoral thesis 2022
Paulus, G.K. (author)
Antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest threats society is facing around the globe and has been on the rise worldwide. While antibiotic resistances play crucial roles in shaping and coordinating microbial communities in natural environments, they can lead to disastrous results when acquired by pathogens in clinical environments. Effective...
doctoral thesis 2021
Taucer-Kapteijn, M. (author)
doctoral thesis 2017