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Peris, A.F.T. (author)
Cities never function in isolation but as nodes in overarching systems characterised by flows of goods, people, and information. To fully understand the evolution of cities, a relational approach is needed, which investigates cities in relation to other cities and urban regions. While a significant part of urban system research has focused on...
doctoral thesis 2021
de Vos, D.W. (author)
It is increasingly recognized that urbanization economies – the benefits of living in cities – can be generated by proximity to large cities (OECD 2015). Several scholars have put forward that places near other large cities are increasingly able to ‘borrow size’ of their neighbours to generate these economies, and that this may explain recent...
doctoral thesis 2020
Masip-Tresserra, J. (author)
Despite strong efforts made by scholars to study the polycentric spatial organization of agglomeration in metropolitan areas, there is still no consensus about the conceptualization (i.e., identification and measurement) of polycentricity and its economic, social, and environmental (dis)advantages. Additionally, little is known in the policy...
doctoral thesis 2016