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Rovers, A. (author)
Vario-scale data structures make it possible to derive maps at arbitrary scale. When requesting a map, data has to be transferred from server to client. This takes time, which affects the responsiveness of the system, and sometimes costs can be involved for every byte that is send over the network. Redundant data transfers should thus be avoided...
master thesis 2016
Pronk, M.J. (author)
Solutions have been introduced to handle massive point clouds in Database Management Systems (DBMS), namely by Oracle in 2011 and postgreSQL in 2013. Many common operations on these massive point clouds require knowledge about the original surface in order to analyse them. A possible method to recreate a representation of the original surface is...
master thesis 2015
Guerrero Iñiguez, J.I. (author)
This research discusses the conversion of underground utilities datasets into scene graph models for its 3D visualization using the WebGL technology, which is a Javascript interface to access the 3D graphics hardware. This conversion requires to reconstruct the volumetric appearance of the objects from its abstract representation, involving...
master thesis 2012