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Ehikhioya, Innocent (author)
Human Civilization is no stranger to infectious diseases, throughout the abundance of time infectious diseases, famine and wars have been a major threat to human existence and progress. These disease are caused by micrometer to nanometer sized microorganisms like bacteria, pathogens, and viruses. They are of various types, with each having its...
master thesis 2021
Endtz, Jan David (author)
The integration of luminescent nanoparticles into transparent polymer matrices opens the way to affordable, scalable and efficient luminescent solar concentrators. A key challenge in the fabrication is to prevent agglomeration of the nanoparticles as this will drastically reduce the performance due to scattering effects. The incompatibility of...
master thesis 2019
van Broekhoven, Tim (author)
<b>Background</b>: Soft-tissue grip is a challenge in minimally invasive surgery. Grasping instruments used in clinical practice require high pinch forces in order to generate sufficient grip for manipulating soft tissue without slipping.<br/>In nature, several animals employ adhesion in order to grip on, not only hard, but also soft substrates....
master thesis 2017