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Izeboud, A.M.A. (author)
This report describes the process of my graduation project which is commissioned by the Civil Engineering consultancy agency Tauw (Technisch Adviesbureau van de Unie van Waterschappen). This graduation project was arranged by a research team at the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, which work on the Nature Inspired Design methodology...
master thesis 2015
Klavdianos, D. (author)
Birds pose a serious threat to aviation industry due to the fact that birds and aircraft share the same aerospace and inevitably collisions between them cannot be avoided. These collisions can cause from minor dents to the aircraft's fuselage to catastrophic damages to the engines which can lead to multiple human loses. In order to prevent bird...
master thesis 2014
Trevia, F.G. (author)
The work of my thesis represents the last phase of the GRIP project, a Governmental/Philips co-founded project which has been running for one year and a half before the beginning of this final stage in February 2013. The project involves several organizations such as TUDelft, TU/Eindhoven, Design Academy, Philips, Geestelijke Gezondheidszorg...
master thesis 2013