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van Dongen, Kirsten (author)
Trees are an important aspect of the world around us, and play a sufficient role in our daily lives. They contribute to human health and well-being in various ways. Tree inventory and monitoring are of great interest for biomass estimations and changes in the purifying effect on the air. It is a very time consuming and cost inefficient way to...
student report 2019
Li, Jiahui (author)
A cross-domain visual place recognition (VPR) task is proposed in this work, i.e., matching images of the same architectures depicted in different domains. VPR is commonly treated as an image retrieval task, where a query image from an unknown location is matched with relevant instances from geo-tagged gallery database. Different from...
master thesis 2019
Li, Weiran (author)
Climate change has been a heated topic in recent years, and the mass loss of ice sheets is one aspect of it. The Antarctic Ice Sheet has experienced certain mass loss in the form of ice-shelf collapse and (sub-)surface melting, but thorough study remains limited due to the remote location of the continent. Therefore, remote sensing is expected...
master thesis 2018