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YU, Jinqian (author)
This thesis focuses on the design of a high input impedance sensor readout system based on a continuous-time sigma-delta modulator with finite-impulse-response digital-to-analog converter feedback.<br/><br/>Both the system-level and circuit-level design techniques of this system are investigated. The concept and design methods of finite-impulse...
master thesis 2022
Al Disi, Matthew (author)
Particle detection circuits are used for a wide range of applications from experimental physics to material testing and medical imaging. State-of-the-art imaging systems demand the detection of small amounts of charge with small time-resolution and limited power consumption, creating an implementation dead-end for the typical readout topology....
master thesis 2020
Narayanan, Swarna (author)
Wireless sensor networks play a vital role in major technological developments. The success of such networks depend on the quality and reliability of data acquisition. Despite a lot of research involving network clock synchronization, the area of synchronous sampling has not been dealt in much detail. This thesis aims at studying and...
master thesis 2019