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Bains, Karan (author)
Flapping wing micro air vehicles (FWMAV's) are a subcategory of unmanned aerial vehicle which use flapping wings for thrust generation. The high agility and maneuverability of FWMAV's are very favorable attributes, making them more applicable in cluttered spaces. A tailless FWMAV called the Delfly Nimble has been developed at the Delft...
master thesis 2020
Heitzig, Dorian (author)
This study investigates the wing deformation of the flapping-wing micro air vehicle (MAV) DelFly II in various flight configurations. Experiments were carried out with the MAV tethered in a windtunnel test section. To determine the best suited measurement approach, a trade-off study was carried out which showed that a point tracking approach...
master thesis 2019