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Bloemendal, J.M. (author)
Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (ATES) systems provide sustainable space heating and cooling for buildings. In future, many buildings in moderate climates rely on ATES for their space heating and cooling.
However, the subsurface space available for heat storage is limited and, there is a trade-off between individual ATES system efficiency...
doctoral thesis 2018
Alam, N. (author)
Currently millions of private wells in the Punjab are pumping groundwater as an additional source for irrigation to compensate for irregular surface water supply. Since the 1990s, most of them are skimming wells that aim to reduce the salinity of the pumped groundwater. However, salinization continues to rise over time, often above acceptable...
doctoral thesis 2014
Von Asmuth, J.R. (author)
Groundwater, water in the ground. Although it is invisible, it is a vital resource for all terrestrial life (whether direct or indirect). Many processes interact with it. Rain recharges it, as it infiltrates the soil. Plant roots take it up, and their leaves evaporate it. It discharges to rivers and streams, and is abstracted with pumping wells....
doctoral thesis 2012