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Koel, Lars (author)
A Helically wrapped structure is a hollow pipe structure that is made from a metal strip and the overlapping interfaces are adhesively joined. It is yet unknown how to determine the quasi-static strength and predict the fatigue life of this structure. A method was developed to determine whether either the adherend or the adhesive is critical to...
master thesis 2023
Vreeken, Joost (author)
This research project investigates the potential use of ultrasonic welding as a tool to repair impact damage inside thermoplastic composites to restore the compressive strength. Compared to the already existing method, hot-pressing, ultrasonic welding could offer faster processing times, no need for dedicated tooling, smaller and lighter...
master thesis 2022
Usman, M. (author)
In this research effect of temperature on the disbond growth rate due to fatigue load in adhesive bonds is investigated. Concept of release of strain energy has been used. In particular the effect of temperature on the relationship between disbond growth rate and strain energy released per load cycle has been investigated. The general trend...
master thesis 2016