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Gaido, Camila (author)
Low-lying islands are highly vulnerable to wave-induced flooding, with low-frequency waves (frequency <0.04Hz) being one of the main drivers. The impact of these inundations can increase due to wave resonance over coral reefs, which has been observed in the range of low-frequency waves. This study aims to understand the reef resonance...
master thesis 2019
Vos, Thomas (author)
Drifters equipped with GPS-trackers have been widely used to investigate surface velocities in a wide range of coastal and oceanic settings. A detailed description of a new, cell-phone based, budget drifter system is given, along with an overview of the potential error sources and the magnitude of these sources. Drag related “windage” errors...
master thesis 2018
van Langevelde, Bart (author)
In the coastal defence of the Netherlands, sand nourishment is a common practice. Part of the Dutch coastal system, the Wadden Sea coast, is a very complicated coastal system in terms of hydrodynamics and morphodynamics. Many different processes are playing a role in the coastal dynamics in the Wadden Sea area. The execution of a mega...
student report 2017