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Oudenaarden, S.A.C. (author)
The graduation project ‘Framed space vs. Free space’ is about the differences between space free to plan by the user and controlled space by authorities in urban and landscape design. These are degrees of control on different scales. Scales in urbanism are assigned to get a grip on the complexity of the city, to understand the processes and...
master thesis 2014
Van Bart, W.A. (author)
The national policy on spatial development is characterized by the renewal of early postwar housing estates. These housing estates are characterized by large scale monotonous dwellings, and a surplus of unused public space and large infrastructural barriers. The negative image of the districts has spiral effect which contributes to further...
master thesis 2013
Verhoeven, T.P. (author)
My design of ‘The Hamer’ is aimed at the improvement of the qualities that can be made in the transformation of an industrial area into a mixed working living area. The different actors are: the owners of the land and its properties, the municipality and its responsibility for the public space, the current inhabitants, and of course the possible...
master thesis 2012